Presentations that Come to Life

Large numbers of museums and public tourist locations are interested in creating life like shows, however the cost of having actors on a regular basis is not practical, and the customers of today want more than a simple movie. Holographic projections are a great way to solve this problem.

Holographic projections can be put on a schedule and run 10 times a day, every day for years. Also, for special occasions or to give some variety, you can have several holographic projections created and you can rotate them as you like. Holograms give the illusion of 3D without people needing glasses or any special equipment. These shows can be controlled in person, or fully automated. Studio 44 Productions is the only company in the United States who is capable of building and recording holographic projections turn key.

Due to the complexity of holographic projections, it is very important to make sure that whoever you hire can get the job done. Studio 44 Productions built and filmed the holographic projection for the St. Joseph Remington Nature Center. If you are interested in learning more about holographic projections, or have a place where you would like to have one built or recorded for you, please contact us today!